Restaurant Services

The Fresh Fruit Store

Consumer demand for fresh fruit and tourists, mourners, ... at airport Noi Bai International is diverse, with very high requirements in terms of quality and convenience.

Meet these requirements, Nasco held many shops / stalls / counters department, are located in various locations in Port Noi Bai international airport, so many units directly managed and operated .

The goods sold are more abundant species, is strictly controlled on the origin and quality.

The commodities mainly in CHBH:

- Clothing, apparel and related products;

- Household goods;

- Leather, imitation leather;

- Confectionery, high quality food;

- Children's toys;

- Review of consumer products;

- Fresh fruits ...

With the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, with a staff of professional and market demand, the structure of goods and service approaches in the Nasco CHBH constantly being improved to satisfy the customer.

The commercial center due CHLN airline operating direct management.

Email Transaction Center's work is commercial aviation:

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