Miscellaneous & Souvenir Services

Miscellaneous & Souvenir Services

Shops (CHLN) gives passengers transiting the product attractive and suitable as gifts, souvenirs.

CHLN goods are also exempt from export duties, import duties under the Regulations by the Vietnamese Government and licenses issued by the State agencies competent.

Nasco's CHLN placed in isolated areas T1 international terminal airport Noi Bai International.

Goods in CHLN mostly consumer goods of high quality, is offered from renowned manufacturers in Vietnam and the world.

At the booth of the Nasco CHLN, often more than 4,500 kinds of products, from goods such as:

Art products and handicrafts of Vietnam, crafted from precious metals (silver, ...) or natural materials (wood, precious stones, rattan, porcelain, animal horns ...) , by the way: sculpture, carving, mosaics, knitting, embroidery, lace ...

The textile product according to the traditional style of Vietnam and the world of fashion

Cosmetics, perfume luxury of Vietnam or imported with the famous brand ...

Watches, eyewear, leather goods and luxury leather ...

Grocery, beverages, confectionery, food and luxury of Vietnam's import ...

No souvenir booth Location Object serves Phone
1 LN booth (No. D314) 3F, international isolation zone D, Terminal 1, airport Noi Bai International Passengers exit and transit international airport Noi Bai (04) 3884 3418
2 LN booth (D209 and D220 position) 2nd Floor, international isolation zone D, Terminal 1, airport Noi Bai International (04) 2246 2101
Customers can pay in foreign currency (USD, Euro) and the Vietnamese currency (foreign currencies are translated at the exchange rate current sales of Vietcombank)

With the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, the structure of goods and service approaches in the Nasco CHLN constantly being improved to meet the increasing demands of customers.

The commercial center due CHLN airline operating direct management.

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